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April Showers Bring Much More than Flowers

September 3, 2014 News Comments Off on April Showers Bring Much More than Flowers

Spring showers trigger frenzy of change to the landscape of Del Norte County, from rivers swelling wildly to flowers erupting in a sudden display of wondrous color. Whether you watch a storm wreak havoc on the coastline, wander the beach after it passes, ride the rapids it creates or admire the wildflowers it summons, there are many ways to  enjoy a Del Norte County downpour. Here are some of our favorite things that April showers bring to Del Norte County.

Watch Mother Nature Put on a Ferocious Show

Pull up a chair on an ocean-front deck or park your car at the water’s edge and watch the drama of a turbulent spring storm unfold just offshore. It may be sunny and clear above Del Norte County, but storms raging a few miles off the coast can still make a spectacular show on the water’s edge as heavy surf pummels the rocky shoreline, sending up extraordinary jets of ocean spray of and dampening the air with a thick, salty mist. As the storm moves inland, the sky can darken to a deep, ominous gray in a matter of minutes, sounding the alarm that it’s time to head inside. Crank up the heat and watch from a window as Mother Nature unleashes her fury in great sheets of rain and bellows of thunder.

Explore the Coastline after a Storm

When the storm has passed and the sun peeks through the clouds, head to the beach to discover all the hidden jewels uncovered by the pounding rain and raging surf. The rocky beaches of Del Norte County are dotted with tide pools teeming with ocean life, and you can expect to see a flurry of activity after a storm as the tide pool-dwellers restore order to their world. Stormy seas churn up all sorts of unexpected treasures and toss them onto the beach, so hunt for agate stones or sea glass, or just stroll in solitude along the beautiful expanse of wide-open beach stretching out before you.

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Careen Down the Smith’s Swollen Spring Waters

In Del Norte County, spring rain sends a few running for cover but many more running down the river – in kayaks, rafts and canoes! The longest undammed river in California, the Smith River reaps the benefit of spring downpours and transforms into a churning, frothing whitewater rollercoaster. Each of the Smith’s three forks serves up a different boating experience, from the scenic, crystal-clear north fork that winds through a pygmy forest to the Class-V whitewater playground on the south fork.

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Admire Dazzling Spring Wildflowers in Forests and Meadows

We all know that saying about April showers, and the old wives were right in Del Norte County, where generous spring rains give rise each May to a stunning display of wildflowers of every color, shape and size. Pacific Coast irises pop up in the sunnier spots of conifer forests, dappling the landscape with eye-popping bursts of gold, apricot, orange and purple. Graceful western azaleas thrive along the moist riverbanks, and huge bursts of pink rhododendron blossoms brighten up the shady forest flora. Intrepid (and observant) hikers may even spot an elegant orchid blooming deep in the shady redwood forests.



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