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Bed and Bread Hiouchi

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Best Places to Fish in Del Norte County

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You’ll not only have a chance to catch some of the worlds largest and tastiest chinook, coho, and steelhead, you’ll spend your time in some of natures most pristine and unspoiled habitats. Enjoy!

Best Times of the Year to Fish in Del Norte County

September 2, 2014 Comments Off on Best Times of the Year to Fish in Del Norte County

Each type of fishing and each area differs. For the best chances of catching your limit, check out these guides to the best times of the year for each area!

Freshwater Fishing

Smith River

For Salmon and Steelhead Trout the best times are January – March

With special regulations you can fish for Cut-Throat Trout in Late April – November

For Chinook Salmon, the peak season is October through January

Klamath River

For Chinook Salmon, fish the Spring Run (May – July), the Fall Run (August – September) or the Winter Run (October – December)!


Bottom Fishing/Ocean Fishing

In May – September it’s Salmon season! Make sure to check with the local fish and game rules for exact dates.

And May – December, fish for Black Snapper, Blue Snapper, Ling Cod, Sea Trout, and Cabazon

During some seasons you can troll for albacore and salmon. Check with your guide.



From the last Saturday in November to July 30th it’s Crabbing Season in Del Norte County!

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Birding Activities in Del Norte County

September 2, 2014 Comments Off on Birding Activities in Del Norte County

With 422 species of birds recorded in Del Norte County, its a exciting hotspot for birdwatchers and birding activities.

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Birding Hotspots in Del Norte County

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Alan Barron has spent a part of almost every day for the last 18 years in Del Norte County out in the field. If there is a rare bird or butterfly in the county, Alan not only knows what it is and where it is, he probably found it! Author of the recently published 212 page book, A Birdfinding Guide to Del Norte County, California, Alan has also been a Christmas Bird Count participant/compiler for 22 years, and has published papers and illustrations nationally. He is the record keeper of current and historical observation data of Del Norte County, as a sub-regional editor for North American Birds.

Here are a few places Alan considers “hotspots” for bird watching:

Crescent City Harbor

Castle Rock National Wildlife Refuge

Lake Earl Coastal Lagoon

Point St. George

False Klamath Cove

Smith River and Klamath River mouth and estuaries.

Endert’s Beach cliff trail (Redwood National & State Parks)

Sanger Peak Area (seasonal access)

South Fork of the Smith River

Find more exciting and scenic places with directions and descriptions.

The Birds of Del Norte County – For a complete recorded bird list for Del Norte County, click here.

Birdwatching Experts, Guides, Tours and Sightings

September 2, 2014 Comments Off on Birdwatching Experts, Guides, Tours and Sightings

Del Norte County is home to hundreds of bird species. Here is a helpful quick-list of local birdwatching experts, guides and birding tours. Our local experts will help you add to your birding list. Read more about birding in general in the birding section.

Lake Earl Audubon Branch of the Redwood Region Audubon Society and the North Coast Redwood Interpretive Association

Birding Fieldtrips held seasonally.

Contact: Susan Calla

Audubon Fieldtrips in Del Norte County

During migratory seasons through the Redwood Region Audubon Society

Contact: Ken Burton, RRAS – Fieldtrip Coordinator

Local Expert Ornithologist

Flockfinder, Alan D. Barron


Birdwatching in Del Norte County

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Del Norte County is one of the most exciting and scenic places to visit in search of birds in California. This tiny county in the most northwestern corner of the state is known for its diversity of habitats; majestic redwood forests, dramatic shoreline, the West Coast’s largest coastal lagoon, open and forested sand dunes, hidden ponds, year-round creeks, and pristine rivers.

It has recorded 422 species of birds, more than eighteen entire states and nine Canadian territories and provinces. The rugged natural beauty of the California Redwoods Birding Trail is unrivaled. This is a place where ancient redwoods thrive, rivers run free, wild salmon still spawn, and rare bird, plant, and fish species rebound rather than disappear.

California Redwoods Bird and Nature Festival

Each year, Del Norte County hosts the annual California Redwoods Bird and Nature Festival. Tens of thousands of this once endangered species visit here each spring. When planning your schedule, make sure you include the phenomenal spectacle of the Goose Fly-off at Dawn, and at least one trip to see the Fields of Geese feeding in outlying farmlands.

During the festival you can find time for other nature, birding, and heritage excursions. Join local and regional naturalists, biologists, botanists, ornithologists, and historians for a chance to enjoy some of Del Norte County’s abundant natural and cultural offerings.

The festival is organized with several different themes. Reflecting the diversity of birds, habitats, wildlife, culture, and history found in our unique region, each theme can be explored in totality or samplings can be taken from several. We also offer many other specialized programs led by experts including American Indians. The next festival will be in May 2010.  Find out more

Northwest California Bird Alert and Birder’s Info-line (sponsored by the Redwood Region Audubon Society): To leave or listen to recent Northern California sightings call: 707-822-LOON

Del Norte County, California Birding Pages by Joe Morlan

Castle Rock Wildlife Refuge: Real Time Video of seabirds on the refuge.