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BiCoastal Media, LLC

June 20, 2014 Things to Do Comments Off on BiCoastal Media, LLC

Bicoastal Media is a communications company with radio broadcasting as its core business. Bicoastal was formed in 1998 by Kenneth R. Dennis with the objective of acquiring properties, primarily in small and medium radio markets, that have good growth prospects or attractive competitive environments.

At present Bicoastal Media owns or operates 50 stations in 9 distinct markets in California, Oregon and Washington. Bicoastal clusters its radio stations in markets to increase operating efficiency and deliver diversity in formats with superior programming.

We work hard to make our communities better places to live and work. From public service campaigns to high profile community events our commitment to our communities is firm. Bicoastal Media’s existence has been based on service to our listeners, communities and advertisers.


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