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Camping in the Redwood National and State Parks

September 2, 2014 Campgrounds, Outdoors Comments Off on Camping in the Redwood National and State Parks

Redwood National and State Parks offer four developed campgrounds, three in the redwood forest and one on the ocean. Tidbits to know: no trailer hook-ups exist; there is a charge for each extra vehicle per site; and day use fees are charged.

Campsites: Mill Creek, Jedediah Smith, Elk Prairie and Gold Bluffs Beach

Helpful links:

Redwood National and State Parks Website National Park Service Website
Details and contact information for Redwood National and State Parks Campgrounds.
Redwood National Park Primitive Camping (Northern Backcountry)
These undeveloped, backcountry campsites are perfect for those who prefer the quiet hours on the trail and being amidst the pristine, natural habitats of old-growth redwood forests, unspoiled beaches, prairies and more.

DeMartin Campsite
10 campsites located on a high bluff along the Coastal Trail offers sweeping ocean vistas. Toilets, picnic tables, bear-proof lockers and fire pits. No potable water.

Directions: Park at mile marker 14.4 on the east side of Highway 101 (1/2-mile hike in), at the north end of Wilson Creek bridge (3 miles to camp), or at the Hostel (3 mile hike in). Learn more.

Flint Ridge
This campground features superb wildlife viewing and one of the finest old-growth redwood groves. 10 campsites are available with picnic tables, toilets, fire pits and bear-proof lockers. No potable water.

Directions: Park on the west side of Coastal Drive as it crests and ocean-view ridge

(trailhead across the road 1/4-mile in) or park at the trailhead on the north end of Coastal Drive at the Douglas Bridge parking lot (hike 4.2 miles in on Flint Ridge Trail — poorly marked trailhead). Learn more.

Little Bald Hills Horse/Backpack Camp
Campground features 5 campsites with old-growth forest and an open prairie. Horse and bike accessible. Toilets, potable water, a horse bar, picnic tables and fire rings are available.

Directions: Park at the trailhead off the east end of Howland Hill Road. 4.5-mile strenuous climb. Learn more.

Nickel Creek
This camp, located along the Coastal Trail, provides a lush, coastal environment alongside a stream. Located alongside the Coastal Trail, access from south or north. From the north, Enderts Beach Road provides the easiest and quickest access with an easy .05 mile trail to the site, picnic tables, fire pits, bear-proof lockers, and toilets. Located a quarter mile from the ocean alongside a stream, this campsite features a lush coastal environment and the beauty of nearby Enderts Beach. Purify water from the stream before drinking. No potable water.

Directions: Park at the end of Enderts Beach Road, 4 miles south of Crescent City. 1/2 mile trail to the camp


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