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Fishing Facts

September 3, 2014 Outdoors Comments Off on Fishing Facts

1. Biggest saltwater fish ever caught by rod and reel in California was out of Crescent City Harbor in 2002. The Chinook salmon weighed in at the Englund Marine Supply Company at 65 pounds.

2. There was a monster 68-pound Chinook salmon caught at the mouth of the Klamath River in August of 2004 (by net) by a local Yurok Indian.

3. The state record Steelhead was caught in 1976 in the Smith River by a man named Robert Halley and weighed 27lbs 4ozs.

4. If its cool near the mouth of the Smith or Klamath River in the summer, just travel inland a few miles and it will warm right up.

5. Sport crabbing happens inside the Crescent City Harbor. For boaters, you can leave your pots overnight at South Beach (south of the Crescent City Harbor) and make crab cakes the next day. The season starts the last Saturday in November and ends July 30th.

6. The Smith River is the only river in California where you can keep a native steelhead. You can keep up to five per year and no more than one in a day.

7. Salmon eggs are great for baiting steelhead trout and salmon. In fact, steelhead reduces the salmon population by hanging behind spawning salmon and eating their eggs.

8. Salmon and steelhead live in both fresh and salt water depending on where they are in their lifecycle.

By Chris Hegness – Englund Marine Supply Company


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