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Birding Hotspots in Del Norte County

Alan Barron has spent a part of almost every day for the last 18 years in Del Norte County out in the field. If there is a rare bird or butterfly in the county, Alan not only knows what it is and where it is, he probably found it! Author of the recently published 212 page book, A Birdfinding Guide to Del Norte County, California, Alan has also been a Christmas Bird Count participant/compiler for 22 years, and has published papers and illustrations nationally. He is the record keeper of current and historical observation data of Del Norte County, as a sub-regional editor for North American Birds.

Here are a few places Alan considers “hotspots” for bird watching:

Crescent City Harbor

Castle Rock National Wildlife Refuge

Lake Earl Coastal Lagoon

Point St. George

False Klamath Cove

Smith River and Klamath River mouth and estuaries.

Endert’s Beach cliff trail (Redwood National & State Parks)

Sanger Peak Area (seasonal access)

South Fork of the Smith River

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The Birds of Del Norte County – For a complete recorded bird list for Del Norte County, click here.

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Birding Hotspots in Del Norte County

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