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Redwoods of Del Norte County Featured in National Geographic

September 3, 2014 News Comments Off on Redwoods of Del Norte County Featured in National Geographic

Redwoods: the Super Trees – National Geographic Searches for the Future of the Forests

Spending nearly a year in the misty shadows of California’s redwoods, two National Geographic explorers-in-residence hiked 1,800 miles to explore the history and future of the graceful giants that line the coast from Big Sur to southern Oregon. Mike Fay and Lindsey Holm found thinned forests, scarred hillsides and erosion-choked rivers, all battle wounds from more than a century of large-scale logging operations; but they also found pockets of thriving privately-owned forests that are supporting a healthy ecosystem and still producing profits. All along the California coast, small, intensively managed forests are making the case that loggers and conservationists can find a sustainable middle ground.

The complete National Geographic article, interactive features and photos documenting the scientists’ journey are available here.



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